First impression is very influential. You know that. Just as important it was when you gave the job interview, it is now, when you have got it. First impressions about people often turn into long-term perceptions and opinions. This is beneficial for people who are able to make positive first impressions. On the other hand, negative first impressions can be detrimental for some people.

The first few days of your job are when your boss and colleagues form an everlasting impression about you. During these first days when you are meeting your co-workers, first impressions along with your potential can determine your success with the organization.

You can improve your chances of making a GREAT first impression at your job. The following tips can make you a winner.

Positive attitude – It speaks. Let your enthusiasm show through to and speak to everyone. Nothing more than your attitude will influence other’s views about you.

Dressing – Professional dressing is of crucial importance. Do not underestimate it. People will judge you on the basis of your appearance first before you talk to them.

Help – You are new to this job. No one expects you to know all about it. Ask for help instead of doing your task the wrong way. Discuss with your co-workers and let the communication take place.

Initiative – In the beginning you will be given small doses of work in order for you to settle in. Once you are through with them take an initiative and ask for work load. That is if you can handle it. Let others know that you are ready to hit it.

Learn – You should be well aware of your organization. You should already have done your homework. Still it is not too late. Read about your organization and become an expert on it.

Attendance – You already know the importance of a good attendance. Establish a good attendance record. There will be emergencies. You may get sick too. Just try your best to make it to the office during the first few months.

Office politics – Just avoid it. Your workplace may be loaded with gossips and rumors. Stay away from gossips and any office crappy talks, especially in the first few months.

Priority – Your priority is your job at your workplace. So keep your personal business – making dinner reservations, buying stuff online etc – to a minimum.

After-hours activities – Many business arrange after-hour activities like sports. Get involved. This will strengthen your bond with your co-workers. Be on your best behavior.

Listen more – Rather than being a chatterbox be a good listener. I know it can be difficult for some. You do not want to be known as the “office know-it-all”.

Track accomplishments – Track your accomplishments. It can be for various reasons. Do it for personal satisfaction, to increase your chances for a pay-raise or even a promotion and for future job hunting.

Appreciation – there is nothing like kindness and genuine appreciation. Show appreciation to everyone who helps you. Make them feel valued and this act will do wonders in making your first impression.

Mentor – Establish a mentoring relationship with a senior in your organization. This will indeed prove prolific for you.

Organization – Stay organized. Keeping a track of meetings, appointments, assignments, and projects.

Goals – Look ahead. Set goals and strive to achieve them.

Networking – Get to know people in and out of your organization. Nevertheless, it will aid you in the future.

So now you have got what it takes to make a good first impression. Just be careful and you will win people at work in no time.