Hire offshore project based employees in any IT domain – Your team, your processes and your priorities. Our infrastructure, expertise and work quality guarantee.

Why we are ideal for outsourcing/offshoring work?

  • We always fulfill the requirements of clients.
  • You will receive 100% best quality work at challenging price.
  • You will be entitled to Five Free revisions in project duration.
  • We take deadlines seriously, always.
  • Clients rely on us — not just for the particular service we provide them, but for our knowledge of IT domain in general.
  • Your work will be delivered in timely manner.
  • For us our clients are our Partners. A partnership means three things: you give, you get, you work toward a greater good.
  • We offer 100% satisfactory service to agency partners.

It just can’t get any better, anywhere. Tell us your project requirements

What is your pricing structure?

We are a pre-paid service, which means whether you hire a project based resources, dedicated or shared employee you will be required to pay the services fee upfront before they commence. Once you sign up, we would require you to pay for the 1st  invoice – the fee prior to the service’s instigation.

Our prices for dedicated employees are set and fixed, however; the price for a project based work is flexible and is determined by the work agreed upon for a set time; say a day, week, a month or even a year.