Monthly Graphic Design Retainer Package

Professional Monthly Graphics Design Packages specifically tailored for your businessOur Graphics design package is powerful and effective – Guaranteed. If we will not fit, then fire us. No contracts, no obligations.

Dedicated graphic designer work full time for you (8 hours daily) in our fully managed office in the selected time zone. You can hire at a monthly graphics design retainer price for as low as $600/month with no work limit. We offer an entire spectrum of graphic design services, and aptly transmute your thoughts and ideas into creative graphic designs that bring out superior results.


Blog Graphics

Social Media

Lead Magnets


Slide Decks







And More!

Our designers are experts at understanding the exact demands of your organization and creating custom design graphics that are best suited to your products/services. Our graphic design retainer packages are best to have monthly graphics design for your organization.

A brilliant form of visual manifestation can transform a dull, simple thing into purely phenomenal. It can rid your raw data of its boredom, snatch away the dullness of your products, rob your organization’s perpetual title of being ‘ordinary’ – and project everything as truly glamorous. Yes, it is magical.

Now hire a Dedicated graphic designer on monthly basis – 

Full Time – $600/month

Part Time – $300/month

Our graphic design retainer packages are best for small, medium and large size companies. Anything you need to get designed you can tell your designer who will be working dedicatedly for you 8 hours per day. 

Monthly Blog Post Graphics Design

FDS have been delivering custom blog designs and custom blog post graphics design to their customers. If your team does not have the in-house graphic designer you can hire our monthly graphic design package, and have our graphic designers to work on blog design and blog posts graphics design at the very affordable monthly graphic design package.

Monthly Social Media Graphics Design

You know you should utilize social media to advance your brand image however it is so much graphic design work. Without having an in-house graphic designer you cannot consistently post amazing graphics design posts on your social media however when your hire our monthly graphics design packages the designers at front developers will take care of your social media graphics design work for social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Monthly Website Mockup Design

When we begin the service, our primary goal was to offer monthly graphic design services such as social media design, banners designs however with clients demand we also started providing website mockup design service. On demand, we set up the pictures and layout of the site, so that you have the idea about the primary design of your website. The fundamental motivation behind making these mockups is to demonstrate to you how your site will show up without coding it straightforwardly. We utilize our mockups to relate design thoughts to you and we’ll use as a draft, too, to build up your site before the fulfillment of the design.

Our graphic designer also works on:

  • Lead Magnet Design
  • PPC Banners Design
  • Slide Deck Design
  • Flyers & Brochure Design
  • Business Cards Design
  • Website Mockup Design
  • Banners Design
  • Icon Design
  • Infographics Design
Monthly Graphic Designers

Monthly Graphic Designers

Exceptional graphics designing is the perfect solution for your marketing needs. It carries the potential of crafting an extraordinary brand image; a unique creativity that allows you to stand out from your rival competitors. However, such professional skills are definitely not an easy find. And you might assume that your current graphics designing package is totally apt for your company, but is it truly making your business reach fathomless heights that it is actually supposed to?

FDS has an exceptional team of graphic designers, proficient in design arts and digital technologies, and also experts in building a strong, visually compelling corporate identity.

Hiring a leading offshore graphics designer from FDS, to outsource graphic design, will allow your brands to be effectively marketed and re-positioned, strengthen your product/ services offerings, and assure you an opportunity to stand distinguished in the business market.

And now that you’ve finally stumbled upon our website, the real question is – are you willing to hire a dedicated graphic designer or a team of graphics designers please tell us about your work requirements.

It just can’t get any better, anywhere

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