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Good Places to Discover Great Content to Share

Content marketing is the quickest way to increase revenue in a business. However, not all content ends up generating leads. That’s right, you need good quality content infused in your articles if you really wish to make sales.

But writing good quality content can be immensely time-consuming. And especially, more so if you do not have any expert sources to take reference from.

Well, fret no more! Front Developers has done research and find 8 unique sources which can help dispense you with adept knowledge and information.


Even while we’re simply skimming through our newsfeed, we’re still able to gather so much of latest news and happenings from relevant pages. In the folds of time, Twitter has grown into a wonderful platform that can easily fill you up with minute by minute updates in cases of emergency. It is a great place to pick up good quality, relevant content for your articles.

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Pocket is essentially a multi-dimensional content finder. It is a wonderful app where you can save important articles to read later. Hoarded with popular and trending stories from all around the world, it acquaints us with unique content and information. Its user-friendly interface gives us all the more reason to install it in our mobiles, and start reading!


Flipboard is an award-winning personalized news app. It organizes the world’s stories so you can focus on investing in yourself, staying informed, and getting involved. Be it national, or international news, or even celebrity gossip, you can count on Flipboard to fill you up!

Looking for a unique search engine to provide you with content from thousands of wikis all over the internet? Try!


Digg is a website that features news, articles, videos and original content from all around the world. From leaders like Donald Trump, to football stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, you can expect to find all the latest information about your favorite stars and heroes on Digg. So, what are you waiting for? Open Digg on your browser, and get digging!

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Professionals and businesses from all over the world research and publish content on It is a Software company where you can hope to find unique content from all around the Web.


Feedly is the perfect news app to fill you up with news, and latest updates from all around the world. It compiles news feeds from a variety of online sources for the user to customize and share with others.


By offering extraordinary tools, like allowing users to travel back twelve months in time and actually see what kind of topics were trending on social media, and consequently provide us with the insight we need to make sure that our content stands out and gets shared, BuzzSomo has grown to become the ultimate guide for content research. You can now search for influencers who can share your posts, and help them get viral. Moreover, BuzzSomo is loaded with content, trends, and statistics; you no longer need to spend futile efforts running around the Web. It is a one-stop solution, built just for you!

Benefits Of Using Big Data For Business

Empowers an Organization’s Administration to Make Better, Informed Decisions

Big data analytics can act as a trusted guide to a company’s strategic planning. It helps your staff and management enhance their analytical abilities, hence improving their decision-making skills. The measuring, tracking, and recording of performance metrics then allow the organization’s upper management to set new business goals.

Helps Identify the Latest Trends Giving Companies a Competitive Edge

As earlier mentioned, one of the primary objectives of data analytics is to define patterns within large sets of data. Data scientists are employed to do just this, read this blog from Harnham about how to attract data scientists to your organization. This is especially useful when it comes to identifying the latest emerging market trends. The implementation of emerging trends can play a crucial role for companies looking to gain a competitive edge as they enable them to introduce new services and products.

Increases The Commitment and Efficiency of Staff in Handling Core Issues and Tasks

By making staff aware of the benefits of using the company’s analytics products, data science can make your employees more competent at their jobs. With a greater understanding of company goals, your staff will have an easier time driving more action toward core issues and tasks at every stage. This, will, in turn, improve your business’s overall operational efficiency.

Identifies and Allows You to Act Upon Opportunities

Data science involves continually looking for areas in your organizational workings that can be improved. By discovering inconsistencies within organizational processes using various analytical systems like Elasticsearch, data scientists can come up with and present new ways of getting things done. This then drives innovation, allowing organizations to develop new products and open new profitable avenues.

Encourages Low-Risk Data-Driven Action Plans

Data analytics is making it possible for both big and small businesses to act based on data-driven, quantifiable evidence. Such an approach could save an organization from performing unnecessary tasks and can even predict the risks involved.

Approves Decisions

Analytics not only allows you to base your decisions on data, but it can also help you test your choices by introducing variable factors that check for scalability and flexibility. Big data solutions and data science make it possible for businesses to add positive changes to their organizational function and structure.

Helps in Identifying Your Target Audience

One of the benefits of using big data analytics is that it allows you to shape customer information to get more insight into consumer expectations and preferences. A more in-depth study of consumer data can help organizations identify and target their audiences with more precision using tailor-made services and products.

Makes Recruitment of Talent More Sensible

HR departments in every company are always looking for talent that fits the organization’s prescribed criteria. With big data analytics, the process is made more straightforward as it provides a comprehensive data profile of all potential candidates by merging job search databases, social media, and corporate profiles. Now, your human resource department can process résumés much faster, allowing you to recruit the right person for the job fast and without any compromises.

Making a GREAT impression at your new job

First impression is very influential. You know that. Just as important it was when you gave the job interview, it is now, when you have got it. First impressions about people often turn into long-term perceptions and opinions. This is beneficial for people who are able to make positive first impressions. On the other hand, negative first impressions can be detrimental for some people.

The first few days of your job are when your boss and colleagues form an everlasting impression about you. During these first days when you are meeting your co-workers, first impressions along with your potential can determine your success with the organization.

You can improve your chances of making a GREAT first impression at your job. The following tips can make you a winner.

Positive attitude – It speaks. Let your enthusiasm show through to and speak to everyone. Nothing more than your attitude will influence other’s views about you.

Dressing – Professional dressing is of crucial importance. Do not underestimate it. People will judge you on the basis of your appearance first before you talk to them.

Help – You are new to this job. No one expects you to know all about it. Ask for help instead of doing your task the wrong way. Discuss with your co-workers and let the communication take place.

Initiative – In the beginning you will be given small doses of work in order for you to settle in. Once you are through with them take an initiative and ask for work load. That is if you can handle it. Let others know that you are ready to hit it.

Learn – You should be well aware of your organization. You should already have done your homework. Still it is not too late. Read about your organization and become an expert on it.

Attendance – You already know the importance of a good attendance. Establish a good attendance record. There will be emergencies. You may get sick too. Just try your best to make it to the office during the first few months.

Office politics – Just avoid it. Your workplace may be loaded with gossips and rumors. Stay away from gossips and any office crappy talks, especially in the first few months.

Priority – Your priority is your job at your workplace. So keep your personal business – making dinner reservations, buying stuff online etc – to a minimum.

After-hours activities – Many business arrange after-hour activities like sports. Get involved. This will strengthen your bond with your co-workers. Be on your best behavior.

Listen more – Rather than being a chatterbox be a good listener. I know it can be difficult for some. You do not want to be known as the “office know-it-all”.

Track accomplishments – Track your accomplishments. It can be for various reasons. Do it for personal satisfaction, to increase your chances for a pay-raise or even a promotion and for future job hunting.

Appreciation – there is nothing like kindness and genuine appreciation. Show appreciation to everyone who helps you. Make them feel valued and this act will do wonders in making your first impression.

Mentor – Establish a mentoring relationship with a senior in your organization. This will indeed prove prolific for you.

Organization – Stay organized. Keeping a track of meetings, appointments, assignments, and projects.

Goals – Look ahead. Set goals and strive to achieve them.

Networking – Get to know people in and out of your organization. Nevertheless, it will aid you in the future.

So now you have got what it takes to make a good first impression. Just be careful and you will win people at work in no time.

10 Gift Ideas for men

When it comes to buying a gift to a woman there are so many options that it takes a stroll around the shops and we will definitely find the ideal. But gifts for men often make our lives difficult.

We’re thinking a shirt or shirt might look banal. It’s also known that men’s clothes are more expensive than women’s. But if we want to get away from clothes, what other options do we have?

And yet there are several options, but often our minds do not go. Whether you are looking for a gift for a relative, for a friend who has a birthday or for your boyfriend you will see here ideas that you may not have thought of, but a man will surely appreciate them enough.

Of course depending on the budget you can afford you can find from the most economical to the most expensive gift of any kind. Techodom has a list with awesome technology items that cost less than 100 dollars. I suggest you check their list as well.

What to gift a man!

1. Watch

The accessory every man watches is definitely his watch. And if you’re going to spare some extra money this is a pretty good solution.

2. Wallet

An equally useful accessory for every man is the wallet. If you think it’s time to renew it or you’re tired of seeing him looking through all his pockets for his money and cards this is a perfect choice. Also, the good thing is that they range in different prices and you can find something quite economical or choose the leather that will be more durable but also more expensive you can find a great variety in men’s wallets!

3. Tie

For someone who tends to wear ties is never enough, since they change the style of the whole dress. So don’t think there’s a lot of them, as long as you find a nice plan.

4. Tablet case

A tablet holder is certainly very useful. It may not sound like a great gift to you, but if you think a little better, you’ll realize that a man might forget to take a holster for this expensive gadget and he’ll be grateful when he drops it, but he’s protected.

5. Drink Serving Set

A carafe with the corresponding glasses is also something a man would never think of getting on his own. But when he sees it, he will surely be thrilled because he will be able to offer the company’s favorite drink in an elegant way.

6. Briefcase

If it is a businessman the briefcase will be very useful to him. Remember that men choose more classic designs when it comes to such accessories and a safe option would be to taste a black one.

7. Men’s Bracelets

The bracelets are a more special gift, as there are few men who wear them. But if it is a man who likes it then it is also a good and quite economical option, as well as a men’s necklace, like the ones with the skulls.

8. Ballpoint Pen

Every job needs a pen and it’s a beautiful gift. You can find unique designs, as well as you have the ability to make it more personalized by carving even its initials in some cases.

9. Backpack

Whether it is someone who travels often, or someone who has a passion with the gym the backpack is quite useful and is of these items usually a guy asks our opinion to buy. Also if it is your partner is ideal for the escapes you will do together.

10. Shaver

A man doesn’t go anywhere without this useful tool. So you can give him a gift from the new model of a shaver or a trip kit with the necessary equipment for the care of his face. If you want to see five best men’s shavers for the body!