Making a GREAT impression at your new job

First impression is very influential. You know that. Just as important it was when you gave the job interview, it is now, when you have got it. First impressions about people often turn into long-term perceptions and opinions. This is beneficial for people who are able to make positive first impressions. On the other hand, negative first impressions can be detrimental for some people.

The first few days of your job are when your boss and colleagues form an everlasting impression about you. During these first days when you are meeting your co-workers, first impressions along with your potential can determine your success with the organization.

You can improve your chances of making a GREAT first impression at your job. The following tips can make you a winner.

Positive attitude – It speaks. Let your enthusiasm show through to and speak to everyone. Nothing more than your attitude will influence other’s views about you.

Dressing – Professional dressing is of crucial importance. Do not underestimate it. People will judge you on the basis of your appearance first before you talk to them.

Help – You are new to this job. No one expects you to know all about it. Ask for help instead of doing your task the wrong way. Discuss with your co-workers and let the communication take place.

Initiative – In the beginning you will be given small doses of work in order for you to settle in. Once you are through with them take an initiative and ask for work load. That is if you can handle it. Let others know that you are ready to hit it.

Learn – You should be well aware of your organization. You should already have done your homework. Still it is not too late. Read about your organization and become an expert on it.

Attendance – You already know the importance of a good attendance. Establish a good attendance record. There will be emergencies. You may get sick too. Just try your best to make it to the office during the first few months.

Office politics – Just avoid it. Your workplace may be loaded with gossips and rumors. Stay away from gossips and any office crappy talks, especially in the first few months.

Priority – Your priority is your job at your workplace. So keep your personal business – making dinner reservations, buying stuff online etc – to a minimum.

After-hours activities – Many business arrange after-hour activities like sports. Get involved. This will strengthen your bond with your co-workers. Be on your best behavior.

Listen more – Rather than being a chatterbox be a good listener. I know it can be difficult for some. You do not want to be known as the “office know-it-all”.

Track accomplishments – Track your accomplishments. It can be for various reasons. Do it for personal satisfaction, to increase your chances for a pay-raise or even a promotion and for future job hunting.

Appreciation – there is nothing like kindness and genuine appreciation. Show appreciation to everyone who helps you. Make them feel valued and this act will do wonders in making your first impression.

Mentor – Establish a mentoring relationship with a senior in your organization. This will indeed prove prolific for you.

Organization – Stay organized. Keeping a track of meetings, appointments, assignments, and projects.

Goals – Look ahead. Set goals and strive to achieve them.

Networking – Get to know people in and out of your organization. Nevertheless, it will aid you in the future.

So now you have got what it takes to make a good first impression. Just be careful and you will win people at work in no time.

Qubis: The Future of Home Entertainment

You are about to prepare yourself for the future of home entertainment known as Qubis. That’s not all you’ll be doing, you will find yourself dashing out your other home entertainment systems as Qubis is about to change how you enjoy entertainment in your private space. Not just that, Qubis has the potential of turning your comfort zone into a smart home with the exceptional features it possesses. Don’t be fooled, there’s currently no other home entertainment system that carries as must potentials and features as Qubis.

Wireless, Smart, Stylish Modular Entertainment

Controlling Qubis and making it do your bidding by bringing to your home the best of entertainment is through the Qubis app on your smartphone. Powering Qubis could either be the Fast Charging USB port or the inbuilt fast wireless changing that makes using Qubis stress free. When it comes to sound quality, there’s nothing you’ve heard that beats Qubis. Imagine having different music playing in different rooms at the same time harmoniously, that’s just a bit of what Qubis is built to handle.

Interestingly, Qubis comes with mono speakers that can fit into your bags and allow you travel anywhere in the world with it. You can immediately set up anywhere and have the best of entertainment. With an impressive battery life of 8 hours, you are assured of the best of entertainment on the go. It doesn’t end here, Qubis is also built to serve as a power bank to refill your smartphone battery for an all-around entertainment.



Offshore Mobile Game Developers ( iPhone & Android )


Offshore Game development is very different from conventional software development as it is more challenging, requires a lot of creativity, skill, imagination, and technology that come together and result in awesome user experience.

Our mobile games design and development team crafts award-winning mobile games experience driven by solid strategy, creative design, and innovative technology. Our highly qualified and skilled iPhone and android mobile game developers can translate game ideas into iPhone/android game. You can also hire custom-recruited offshore mobile game developers to extend your in-house mobile game team effectively. We are a USA managed company with offshore R&Ds office in Asia. Feel free to get in touch with us for pricing, quotation or general queries at any time by email or call us at 832-777-4774!

Our Portfolio Include:

Game Development Expertise: Single Player to Multi-Player, Games Characters, Mobile Game Graphics & Mobile Games Animations, Mobile Games Development to Mobile Game Porting, Multi-Lingual, Multi-Platform Development, Android Widget SDK, Open GL.

Development Platform: Android, iPhone, iPad, Web, Cloud, Desktop, Interactive, Social Media.

Technology: C++, C, Unity 3D/2D, Java, J2ME, Cocos 3D/2D, NET, Flash.

Game Genre: Action, Casual, Racing, Arcade, Card, Puzzle, Fighting, Racing, Sports, etc

Offshore Android & iOS Mobile Game Developers!

While you consider creating the next big game of your life there are a number of things you would want to consider while hiring developers. Game developers cost a lot; a regular game developer could cost you over $50k when going with a professional mobile game development company. If your company seeks quality work with a lesser price tag then hiring globally or hiring an offshore mobile game development company with a management office in the USA might be the answer for you. However, hiring someone with no presence in the USA can be challenging and a lot many factors need to be kept in mind. The process becomes extremely rewarding when you find the best mobile games talent offshore and at an affordable price with the management office in the USA! We are an offshore mobile games development company with a presence in the USA, If you need to know more about our office mobile game development service please contact our team.

Offshore iOS Game Development Services

Due to the amazing success of Apple’s company, the demands of iOS mobile game applications is continues on the rise. We are a leading offshore iPhone games development company and have established a talented team of senior iOS Game developers and iOS mobile game designers that can develop interactive and smart 2D & 3D mobile games for iPhone and iPad. Moreover, our iOS mobile game apps trend high on the Apple App Store.

Android Game Development Services

Android is the second most popular operating system, the demands of android game developers have reached their peak. Although it’s challenging to find the best android game developers we have established a talented team of senior offshore android mobile game developers and android game designers absolutely ready to take any challenge. They have core expertise in  Unity, JMonkey Engine, Autodesk Maya, JAVA programming and other object-oriented programming languages to develop awesome android games that can perform well in Android studio Google Playstore.

Our Mobile Games Development Expertise: GAME CATEGORIES


Hiring Offshore Mobile Game Developers – PROCESS

1. Requirement Gathering

  • Our business analyst will get in touch to understand the game idea.
  • Our team will give input on game ideas.
  • Our storyboard artist will refine ideas through storyboarding.
  • Setup the final requirement documents with the client.
  • Organize the project milestones & deliverables.

2. Animation & Game Art Design

  • We will discuss the game’s artistic aspects.
  • Game Designer, Game Lighting & Texture Artist, Level Designer will understand details with the client.
  • Mobile game architecture, frame overlay, animation be decided.
  • We will write a technical game design document.
  • We will get in touch with the client for game design feedback.

3. Mobile Game Development

  • Developers will write Game flow logic, Rules, and condition
  • iOS/Android Programmers will code the game in this phase.
  • Coders will code and integrating various modules for the final game.

4. Mobile Game Testing & Final Delivery

  • UI/UX Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Alpha, Beta Testing
  • Final Game delivery

Why Hiring An Offshore Team Is Advantageous?

Where Should You Hire From?

Talent and experience know no borders and it all basically boils down to very few factors while considering a place to hire from, your budget is the one. If you have a large budget you can hire from Europe or the Middle East but if your project is tight on budget you can still get great services from equally amazing and talented developers from Asia as the mobile games development talent brewing here is beyond amazing.

Interested? Got a question?


10 Gift Ideas for men

When it comes to buying a gift to a woman there are so many options that it takes a stroll around the shops and we will definitely find the ideal. But gifts for men often make our lives difficult.

We’re thinking a shirt or shirt might look banal. It’s also known that men’s clothes are more expensive than women’s. But if we want to get away from clothes, what other options do we have?

And yet there are several options, but often our minds do not go. Whether you are looking for a gift for a relative, for a friend who has a birthday or for your boyfriend you will see here ideas that you may not have thought of, but a man will surely appreciate them enough.

Of course depending on the budget you can afford you can find from the most economical to the most expensive gift of any kind. Techodom has a list with awesome technology items that cost less than 100 dollars. I suggest you check their list as well.

What to gift a man!

1. Watch

The accessory every man watches is definitely his watch. And if you’re going to spare some extra money this is a pretty good solution.

2. Wallet

An equally useful accessory for every man is the wallet. If you think it’s time to renew it or you’re tired of seeing him looking through all his pockets for his money and cards this is a perfect choice. Also, the good thing is that they range in different prices and you can find something quite economical or choose the leather that will be more durable but also more expensive you can find a great variety in men’s wallets!

3. Tie

For someone who tends to wear ties is never enough, since they change the style of the whole dress. So don’t think there’s a lot of them, as long as you find a nice plan.

4. Tablet case

A tablet holder is certainly very useful. It may not sound like a great gift to you, but if you think a little better, you’ll realize that a man might forget to take a holster for this expensive gadget and he’ll be grateful when he drops it, but he’s protected.

5. Drink Serving Set

A carafe with the corresponding glasses is also something a man would never think of getting on his own. But when he sees it, he will surely be thrilled because he will be able to offer the company’s favorite drink in an elegant way.

6. Briefcase

If it is a businessman the briefcase will be very useful to him. Remember that men choose more classic designs when it comes to such accessories and a safe option would be to taste a black one.

7. Men’s Bracelets

The bracelets are a more special gift, as there are few men who wear them. But if it is a man who likes it then it is also a good and quite economical option, as well as a men’s necklace, like the ones with the skulls.

8. Ballpoint Pen

Every job needs a pen and it’s a beautiful gift. You can find unique designs, as well as you have the ability to make it more personalized by carving even its initials in some cases.

9. Backpack

Whether it is someone who travels often, or someone who has a passion with the gym the backpack is quite useful and is of these items usually a guy asks our opinion to buy. Also if it is your partner is ideal for the escapes you will do together.

10. Shaver

A man doesn’t go anywhere without this useful tool. So you can give him a gift from the new model of a shaver or a trip kit with the necessary equipment for the care of his face. If you want to see five best men’s shavers for the body!