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There are some people who would rather dunk on better ideas than accept them. Take articles writing as an example. No matter how much we say that it works for the best of the marketing strategy of a company, some people would not accept it.

Our team has reviewed only best the blog writing companies and blog writing services for business owners and entrepreneurs.

For the naysayers out there, we have some stats to put forward.

  1. Content marketing costs 62% less than the traditional marketing programs and delivers 6 times more conversion rates than those who do not follow it.
  2. Some companies like Coca-Cola spend more on content marketing than TV advertisement.
  3. In the B2B scenario, 95% of consumers trust content to evaluate a company’s performance.
  4. 49% of marketers use content parallel to other marketing techniques because they know it works.
  5. 58% of organizations say that content is their most priced digital asset because you know, it works.

Now that you know how important content marketing is, here are top 10 blog writing services to try out right now.

Why try them?

Simply because they have expertise in doing what they are best at. They have employed skilled blog content writers to curate or even write content from the ground up. So, by outsourcing your blog content needs to them, you can just sit back, relax, or concentrate on your business’s core activities.

Top 10 Best Blog Writing Services

1. FDS Article Writers

The first and foremost focus of a writing company should be on versatility. The FDS has exactly invested in that area. They have hired blog writers that cover almost every industry.

Be it travel, fitness, SEO, law and finance, healthcare, marketing, home improvement, technology, local business, fashion and beauty, and any other industry, they have professional writers that tailor their expertise to your needs.

As compared to the rest of the best blog writing services, they have reasonable prices and the best part is that you reserve the right to reject the blog content you receive. Now that’s some freedom we are talking about.

All in all, the company is poised to take the market by storm with their dedication and work ethics. Try them and you’ll become their loyal customer before you know it.

Learn about them more at https://frontdevelopers.com/articles-writing-service/

2. Content Flip

Content Flip has simplified the process of ordering articles. Unlike Font Developers, they ask for monthly compensation of $249. That goes to say that their blog writers are all full-time and their work model is not project based.

This has its own perks and limitations. However, when it comes to originality of their blog content, the expertise of the blog writers, and transparency of their claims and fee, there is no doubt.

Find more about them here: https://www.contentflip.co

3. Content Runner

The story of Content Runner started in 2013 when they had trouble in organizing content, assigning tasks to the blog writers, creating topics, and paying their writers. To fight off this problem and come up with a better solution, they found Content Runner’s platform – the one that has a simplified user interface and at the same time it is efficient.

Thus, the new Content Runner has an efficient way of dealing with everything encompassing blog content creation. The founders only take a percentage of 15% as a starting commission from the fee you decide with the writer.

Find more information here: https://www.contentrunner.com

4. Blog Hands

The founder of Blog Hands saw a vacuum in the content marketing industry, especially, in the scaling-quality region. According to him, outsourcing blog content creation did scale, but at the same time, it had major quality issues. On the other hand, keeping an in-house copywriter produces quality content, but the scaling issue persists.

So, by creating Blog Hands, Chris Hornak created a platform that gives businesses an opportunity to outsource their blog content creation and don’t worry about the quality of it.

The platform charges $0.10/word or $60 for 600 words (which is still expensive if we consider FDS ’ rates).

Website: https://bloghands.com/

5. Writer Access

This blog writing service was founded in 2010 with the sole purpose of letting clients access 14000 US-based writers, editors, content strategists, and translators in their cloud-based platform.

Just because of their work model and ethics, they have succeeded by leaps and bounds, which led to their nomination in the 2014 and 2015 list of fastest growing companies.

As far as the payment goes, you pay per word, and as per the “stars” of the blog writer. This means out of the 14,000 writers, you could hire a reasonably priced writer, but you could face a variation in the quality of the work done.

Find more about them here: https://www.writeraccess.com/

6. Ghost Blog Writers

If you require a dedicated blog writer, you might find Ghost Writers handy. They have a pool of blog writers that can help you with the content creation, including topic creation, and formatting of every type of content created as per the needs of your blog.

Typically, their services cost $40/400-word article or $65/800-word article.

The only problem with services like these is that they either charge you in advance or ask for a recurring price.

Find more about Ghost Blog Writers here: http://ghostblogwriters.com

7. Hoth Blogger

Basically an SEO company, the Hoth Blogger can provide you with quality blog content that converts into those delicious leads you are looking for.

Their services can be either ala-carte or monthly based – the choice solely is yours to make. However, you’ll be charged the same amount of $70/700 words or $0.10/word. Besides delivering quality articles, their services also include optional CRM uploading and image delivery.

Find out more here: https://www.thehoth.com/blogger/

8. Textbroker

You’ll need Textbroker if you’re looking for a blog writing company that has a versatile client base and thus, the experience of dealing with versatile topics.

Texbroker, for that matter, has worked with publication agencies, small to medium businesses, travel websites, and businesses you name. The majority of their writers are freelancers – not just any, but US-based.

To find about them more, go to www.textbroker.com

9. Express Writers

While all the other platforms have recruited a number of writers from different areas, the Express Writers only has a hand-vetted team of 40 blog writers, all with a strong background in English, marketing and engineering.

The blog writers are US-based and they work round the clock.

For more information, visit: www.expresswriters.com

10. The Content Company

If experience is the trump card you want to play, then The Content Company has been around the industry for about its years. Created by professional ex-agency gurus, it has served hundreds of clients since then and is continually inspiring awe due to the quality of their services.

Whether it is an eBook, a blog post, or any other form of writing, the company charges you $65/500-word post.

Here’s their website: www.getawesomecontent.com

So, this is the list of top 10 article writing companies of all. You can trust any of these companies. However, we recommend you to try our FDS articles writing service.


Simply because they have they are rated as top articles writing company that follow a different approach.
Just by charging $100/5000 words, they deliver quality blog content that too with a money back guarantee. None of the services we talked about offers this.

Moreover, they assign blog writers to their clients based on their needs. It’s not like you’ll be served by a travel writer if you require technical write-ups.

Although it is a relatively new company, the blog writers working there have a vast background of expertise in their respective fields. What could you ask for more?

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