Month: May 2019

Hire Offshore Web Developers in 2019

An offshore web developers has legit advantages of its own. Numerous entrepreneurs have sworn to satisfied results at amazing costs. So, the question is what gives a foreign web development team an edge over locally available options?

Pros of an Offshore Web Development Team

1)    Cost

The most attractive thing about an overseas contract is that it costs an almost quarter of what you might pay to a local firm. The labor charge is extraordinarily low and you can get quality work at rates as low as $10/hour or even less. So, why to go for an expensive package when you can utilize the spare dollars making your site extra user-friendly.

The cheap services are a major perk of an outsource web development team. Entrepreneurs, if the foreign company nails the brief, what good will it do to hire a local pro and pay a tad bit more? Really, it makes no sense.

2)    Project to Project Commitment

The most underrated advantage of an international web development team is to get professionals according to the current needs without submitting to a long haul contract. You may require somebody with one skillset now yet require somebody new with a very different skillset in a couple of months.

3)    Loyalty

Entrepreneurs! These offshore companies have been hired as part-time associates. They buy your thoughts and work hard to achieve the final product. They get tied up to the idea of success and invest a lot of energy and hold a keen interest in the outcome. The kind of dedication makes them ideal for your budding business.

4)    Futuristic Goals

A freelance web developer considers the delivery of successful projects as an achievement of his own. Similarly, an entrepreneur defines success as flourishing ideas and profits. The same line of thought works like a charm and together you reach for the ultimate success.

5)    Mutual Corporation

The web developer knows and understands the nature of your business. Altering, tweaking, treating the problem areas as his own is one of the best things about such a firm. The diverse culture allows him to come up with innovative solutions for the problem areas of your business.

Web Guide to hiring an offshore Web Development Team

The management and communication aren’t as easy as some might think. An issue with a foreign web development team is quality control. How can you ensure the quality of the code that is being used? How can you trust the designer’s portfolio as authentic? The best solution is to hire an offshore company with reputable success stories and running sites. This would ensure the quality of the work you’ll be getting done at reasonable rates. While looking for an offshore web development team, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I need to save the money?
  • What am I looking for in an outsource web developer?
  • Can I judge technical codes and their quality?
  • How would this collaboration help my business?

Getting through with them would allow you to figure out which option of the both is beneficial for you and your business.

How Much Does A Website Cost In Australia

You probably came here for a definitive answer but the bad news is there is no definitive answer to this question. Whether you are an individual looking to build a website for your small business or you are a Fortune 500 company that needs to get their website fixed, there is no fixed price for the entire projects any client come with.

Short Answer: If you are looking for a website in Australia expect to pay between $10,000 and $50,000 for professional website development and yearly management.

However, the good news is even though the price of the entire website development/redesign/renovation project in Australia will vary from client to client, here is a breakdown of all the things that cost you while getting a website made. Depending on how simple or complex your website will be the price range will fluctuate.

Breakdown of Web Development Elements

  • Domain Name (costs on a yearly basis): If you are getting a website made for the first time, you need a domain. While there old (both used and unused) domains are always available but you should get a new one. Never buy an old used domain, you never know what it has gone through in terms of SEO and used older domains can cost you a fortune so skip those as well.
  • Hosting (costs on yearly basis): Website hosting price varying depending on the type of hosting you choose, whether it is dedicated, shared or free. Dedicated hosting, of course, will cost you the most. Similarly, an additional fee may be charged for services like SSL (Secure Socket Layer certificate) or static IP Address.
  • Custom Design (one time cost): Web design includes everything you see on a website, from UX design, graphics, sitemap to animations, pages and layout. The more the pages, the more the cost of development. The complex the graphics and UX, the more the cost.
  • Special Functionality (one time cost): Besides the basic web design that includes UX, graphics, pages structure, sitemap etc if you wish to include any special functionality such as shopping cart integration (in case you are building an e-commerce website), paid plugins etc, it can cost extra.
  • Website Content Creation (one time cost): There are two options here, you can either write the content of your website yourself or let your web development handle the task for you. Web developers have trained and experienced content writers working under them and after the keyword analysis, the writers can put together perfect SEO optimized content for your website. Again, this will add up to the total cost but can save you big in the long run.

Once the website is has passed the design and development stage, it enters the testing phase. After ensuring there are major issues and bugs within the website and that it runs smoothly, the project is handed over to the client but if you require the developers to manage your website after the development that is if you require blog writing, post-launch testing, social media management and marketing, and content maintenance services then that will cost you extra bucks.

Experienced website developers charge a lot more than newbies but if someone gives you a price quotation that seems too good to be true, beware. They might be just throwing a price in the air in the desperate attempt to bag the project and might not be very good at web development. A quick tip would be to request web development prices from two to three different web developers from all over the country, compare their services, portfolios and then choose one. If we were to give you a rough estimate anyway, developing a website in Australia can cost you around $10,000 to $15,000  (for professional website).

The bottom line is, website design and development in Australia is one of those industries where you get what you pay for.