We are your on-demand IT remote staffing and Startup product development partner.

Hiring an offshore staff is similar to hiring regular employees the only difference being they work from an offshore office. Hiring virtual employees through a managed IT service is a formal and structured process where the service provider is basically responsible for posting the job advertisement, screening the candidates, schedule the interview with clients and hiring the best that client select, all done as per the needs and any specific requirements the client puts forth.

Many companies, software houses, startups and IT organization with limited staff need a competent team offshore to reduce cost and successfully deliver projects on time. We are managed offshore IT outsourcing/staff leasing company providing services in Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Asia, Australia, Europe. You are looking for the partner that can connect the best remote IT talent with your company? You’ve come to the right place!

Hire Virtual Employees in Any Domain For Only $499 – $2999

Our team can solve your problems with a remote work crew for either project-based, temporary or permanent dedicated IT staffing. Upon request, we provide our services 100% white-labeled. The world’s leading brands trust us. You can join them too.

We work with agencies as their remote staffing partner and build deep trust-based partnerships. We will handle all the hiring, training, payroll and supervision of your remote workers at our fully managed IT company. You need to maintain good coordination and work out a process that works best for both the parties

Treat Them Like Your Regular Employees!

An attitude among some businesses towards their offshore staff as slave labor is pretty disturbing. Yes, you have hired them and pay for the work they do but that does not, by any means, allow any company to treat the offshore staff any less than their regular employees. If you want to build a long-term relationship and want the best out of your investment, give them the status of regular employees in your company and see the positive difference your attitude brings in the work.

Dedicated Staffing

Dedicated Employee works only for you like your own employee they work with you directly but remotely under your complete control & management with no Employee Liability. In order to help you achieve your business goals at reduced costs without compromising on the quality front developers help with managing the dedicated staff that will be liable to work for you only as your regular employees. Worldwide software houses and businesses with the limited supply of in-house talent or team of skilled software programmers or staff can contact us for managed dedicated offshore staffing service. We ensure you have a say at every step of the hiring process!

Project-Based Outsourcing

Judging a far-off market is very difficult If you are looking for project-based outsourcing Instead of trusting just any resource online, it is always recommended you hire from the trusted company like front developers. Outsourcing project always needs competent team offshore for best results.T his option is preferred for organizations and software houses with limited staffing that like to outsource projects to partner companies offshore.

Shared-Agent Solution

The key benefits of outsourcing cost reduction, access to the large talent pool, hectic free supervision, offshore helping hand, and custom recruit talent. If your new company, startup or organization is tight on budget then outsourcing a team of dedicated resources is apparently hard to justify in that case we recommend, hiring shared resources. In the shared resource based outsourcing model one teamwork for multiple clients.

Hire Virtual Employees in Any Domain For Only $499 – $2999

    • Staff and IT Infrastructure at one-tenth of the cost with improved efficiencies and enhanced productivity.
    • Save time, efforts and money in sourcing, interviewing and recruiting workforce – We have already done the hard work for you.
    • No hassles of Payroll management and other HR Management activities
    • No IT Facility required – We will provide State of the Art IT Infrastructure with independent access under your control and at your disposal, resulting into no capital expenditure required to set up requisite IT Facility.
    • Hire Employee- Short Term or Long term basis with full control and governed by your work ethics, standard and culture, HR Policy, Procedure, and Guidelines.
    • No setup time required contrary to setting up of your own department or its expansion or outsourcing
    • No employee liabilities

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